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We help management teams develop visions for growth, by working with them to create innovative strategic business plans.

strategy planning brainstorm session with two managers
In-house and off-site strategy days with senior teams and management groups
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Capture and communicate your company's future

How strong is your strategic plan?

A good business plan captures and clearly communicates your vision for the future direction of your company, anchoring goals and aspirations to tangible short, medium and long term objectives and targets.

Standing outside your organisation gives us a clearer and more objective perspective. We work alongside businesses to create, align and test their visions for future growth, helping them to develop robust strategic plans over 1, 3 or 5 years.

A great strategy meeting is a meeting of minds.

Max McKeown

Your plan acts as a unifying statement for your senior team, a communication tool for shareholders and investors, and road map for your staff. Once completed, your plan also moves and develops with the business as it grows, forming the basis for future quarterly, half and annual reviews.

How we work with you

Our high-energy strategy programmes are designed to focus thinking and minimise impact on your business and senior team. We tailor our support to your precise needs, supporting you through the development of your entire plan.

Business strategy days

Ranging upwards from half-a-day, we facilitate in-house and off-site strategy sessions with senior teams and management groups aimed at starting your developmental thinking and outlining:

  • Shared aspirations and goals
  • Competitve advantage and where to compete
  • Capabilities, future development, management systems & processes

Strategy development programme

Through scheduled follow-up sessions, we work with you and your teams to develop your detailed core strategic plan. Once completed, we can support further development of your wider business planning, including:

  • Financial planning
  • Sales and Marketing planning
  • Product development planning
  • Tactical and Operational planning
  • HR plan
  • IT planning

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