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We help businesses find more customers and keep them longer, by enhancing their customer contact strategies and loyalty programmes.

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We can show you how cost effective keeping customers loyal can be
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From hotel stays to reward cards, our loyalty programmes can be tailored precisely for your customers or members
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Making giving easy, at home or through employee benefits

How do you reward your loyal customers?

Do you give customers compelling reasons to remain loyal, by adding multiple conversation and contact points around great loyalty benefits, which extend beyond those offered by your competitors?

We can show you how keeping customers loyal can be very cost-effective. We enjoy access to a wide range of prestige products and exclusive services and can help to launch and embed those services seamlessly with your members. We also procure new products and services for those customers with something very specific in mind.

Winning customers is the easy bit, keeping them is much harder.

Partnership with Howse Jackson

We’ve partnered with Howse Jackson Affinity Marketing who specialise in adding real value to customer relationships with attractive reward programmes ranging from magazine subscriptions to Supercard loyalty schemes. Sourced from leading international providers like TLC and Bauer Media, each programme is precisely tailored around your customers’ interests, and can easily operate alongside partnerships you already run.

Leading brands to choose from include:

The Goodwill Partnership

If you prefer giving instead of receiving, The Goodwill Partnership (TGP) could be for you or your organisation. Creating a will is often not a high priority, so TGP was set up to bring together affordable face-to-face advice from a fully trained solicitor, to people living anywhere within mainland England or Wales.

TGP have also created meaningful partnerships with a number of well-known charities, whereby individuals can choose to appoint a chosen charity as a beneficiary in their will, ensuring their wishes are expressed and future gift is pledged. TGP can also benefit your staff, as some employers are choosing to offer this service as part of the package of benefits they make available through their employment benefit schemes.

For more information about any of our rewards & benefits services, call 07983 377080.

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