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We help businesses looking for branding consultancy in Cambridge, Peterborough, and beyond.

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At Gent Beecham, we combine our knowledge of creative design, marketing strategy, and digital marketing to analyse and evaluate your brand identity and performance, to help your business improve and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Increase Your Brand Impact

By helping you to present your values, purpose, and services correctly, we will improve your brand presence and ensure you are leaving a lasting impression.

Brand Analysis

We offer a full service to established businesses and start-ups alike. By fully understanding your business objectives and goals, we provide a deep insight into the current state of your brand, and the best ways to create, develop, and improve it.
Our consultants will join your senior team to create and deliver a brand strategy for your business, including these focus areas:

  1. Deep-dive Analysis – to understand what drives profitability in your business
  2. Workshops and Focus Sessions – used to define your ideal target customers and markets
  3. Identify Growth Opportunities – short, medium, and long term strategies to increase profits
  4. Ideal Clients – who and where are they, and how to reach, engage, and communicate with them
  5. Tactical Plans – how to systematically build your brand, increase sales and retention, and deliver a positive ROI on your investment

Brand & Business Growth

Our focus is to work with your senior team, over a period of time, driving a ‘culture of growth’ within the business. By shifting the brand development conversation from purely bottom line costs, to an investment which becomes a profit driver, we will work with you to deliver a sustained positive return on your investment.

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Brand Design | Divitias Wealth plc

Private Bond Investment Managers
Brand identity and graphic design for investment fund launch
...View project >

Brand Design | Nurture The Children

International Children's Charity
Love and freedom breathed into charity rebranding
...View project >

Brand Design | Clarity Partnership

Financial Planners & Will Writers
Youthful brand identity refresh for financial & estate planning
...View project >

Brand Design |

Physiotherapy & Fitness Suppliers
Colourful rebrand for physiotherapy ecommerce supplier
...View project >

Advertising | Clarity Partnership Limited

Will Writers & Estate Planning
Stand-out advertising design for regional press and media
...View project >

Brand Design | Acuity Analysis Limited

Gatwick Airport Consultation
Simplicity and factual clarity for employment briefing reports
...View project >

Graphic Design | Book & Cover Design

Book Publishing and Book Design
Graphic design and front cover design for book publishing
...View project >

Graphic Design | Easy Salon Marketing

Hair & Beauty Marketing
Stand out graphic design for hair & beauty website and print
...View project >

Graphic Design | Acuity Analysis Limited

GMB Trade Union Conference
Eye-catching graphic design and identity for corporate events
...View project >

Brand Design | Logos & Identity

Brand design and corporate identity
Some of our favourite logo and brand identity work
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Fundraising & Design | Nurture The Children

Charity & Community Groups
Fundraising & Design Service
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Other services of interest:

Digital Branding | Finance House Group

Finance Services for Accountants
Digital Branding | Copywriting | Design
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Advertising | Clarity Partnership Limited

Will Writers & Estate Planning
Stand-out advertising design for regional press and media
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Website Design | Divitias Wealth plc

Private Bond Investment Managers
Website design | Branding | SEO
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