We help affinities to grow by transforming their partnership strategies, lead generation, insurance and loyalty programmes.

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Is your organisation growing?

We help affinities, professional organisations and trade bodies to grow their income, by attracting and keeping more members through better integrated use of digital marketing, telephone lead generation, loyalty programmes and high-quality member services like insurance and credit cards.

Partnership Reviews

We have created The Partnership Review service with our partners Howse Jackson, to help affinity and membership organisations ensure they are delivering market-leading membership benefits, rewards and marketing to their members.

Our reviews range in depth and complexity to match the precise requirements of our clients, and can be applied to cover a wide range of membership services including insurance and financial products, communications, branding, marketing and loyalty programmes.

95% of commercial organisations believe service will be their key competitive differentiator over the next 5 years.

Adobe Intelligence Survey, 2015

Insurance services and loyalty programmes

Our specialities are insurance services and loyalty programmes. We work with many leading names in these sectors, enjoying access to a wide range of prestige products and exclusive services. Read about our partnership with Howse Jackson.

If you’re looking to launch a new scheme, talk to us about our procurement services where we offer personalised research, development and tendering support to find the right products and partners for you.

Winning new partnerships

We have extensive experience tendering, winning and launching successful new affinity partnerships, providing end-to-end support for organisations and suppliers throughout the acquisition, planning and implementation phases of a new agreement.

For more information about any of our affinity services, call 07983 377080.

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